Five Generations and Brain Surgery

On Thanksgiving Day, I decided to write to my local newspaper about the many wonderful and “unique” things and events in my life to be grateful “for” as well as grateful “in spite of”. It is my hopes that my sense of gratefulness and peace will inspire someone else to live to their full potential and never give up on their dreams. Here are just a few of my life events including some of the most recent.

November 19th – Found out that I was scheduled for brain surgery on December 13th. I’ve been living with a brain tumor since 11/2011.

My birthday was on November 21st in which I got the best birthday present ever. All five generations were gathered under one roof. I’ve been wanting this event and photo since I became a great grandmother in December 2017. This birthday gift was a TOTAL surprise and meant even more than it would have meant in 2017.

November 22nd – I found out that I had been nominated for and would be receiving an NAACP Presidential Medal in Health due to my work in the community. I opened the Agape Counseling Center in Fairfield, CA, in 2015. I am so proud of our very diverse staff in which we continue to serve up to 400 clients each month even during COVID, mostly online.

Not to mention that I was once a teen mother, turned author, doctor, and now clinical director.

In spite of the challenges I have faced, I am thankful. I remain at peace, because through it ALL, I have a God that promises me peace that surpasses all understanding.

Lastly, here’s my brain surgery update. It has been exactly one week today since I had major brain surgery. I am home and feeling great. I had my first post-op appointment today in which the doctor called me a miracle. I can’t wait to get back to work to continue helping the members of my community. I believe that everyone should take time to find out their purpose and then live like the life of others depended on them. It is so internally rewarding.
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Dr. Cornelia Gibson