Finding Purpose In Her Pain

Dedication: This story is dedicated to all of the women in the world who have faced difficult times rather it be Mental illness such as Depression,Anxiety,Fears or even just a very tuff time or situation.The woman who feels as if there is something blocking the ease of her soul.The woman who always feels as if she is in survival mode with her spirit-physically,mentally,and emotionally.The woman who is ready to flourish her seed that’s been promised to her all along.How can she become the ultimate desired Alpha Woman?

If you are a woman or know what it’s like to be a woman then you would know that we execute the many roles in life including creating life. The Woman executes the role of Wife,Mother,Queen,Alpha,Servant, and the list continues. Ultimately if you have ever questioned the analysis on how woman was created then you’d know that the creation of a woman came from men.”This one at last Is bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh.This one shall be called Woman, For from man was she taken.”~Genesis 2:23

How can a woman balance being purposeful in the midst of executing all of her many roles? A woman is born to be a natural leader who’s in touch with her femininity, while remaining powerful and assertive. People including Men won’t understand her and the way she sustains herself in her life. Her calling sets her apart from the world because she’s willing to aim at all of the difficulties in her life instead of running away from them. She wasn’t born to please mankind’s Flesh because she’s tuned with her spirit. She is a warrior who isn’t afraid of being broken in the mist of her fixing. She works very hard for her peace because she knows without peace she can’t be content. She became this woman when she found purpose in her pain. Could this woman be you?

If she is you I invite you into a fight that requires you to get scuffled up in order to win her. The truth about her is God was more interested in changing her than he was her circumstances. She was me,I don’t know about you but I found it very hard to find purpose in my pain. Until I found this thing called contentment I became so comfortable in my pain that I didn’t recognize the things that were causing me pain,and this my sister is where it all started. Allow me to dive a little deeper, you know the depression,anxiety,Fear,doubt and all the many things that has become normal to human kind. Anxiety,the part of your flesh that becomes afraid of your spirit. Depression,a reaction to the fear and anxiety built up from trauma/traumatic events rather they are big or small. Sometimes we are likely to not be aware of what is causing our Depression,anxiety,and fear because we never really deal with our storm we just try to move on which is not necessarily the right thing to do. We listen to people tell us all the time “just forgive and forget” or “Put it behind you.” This explains why one day your healing and the next day your breaking again. One thing I learned about the healing stage is that you should allow yourself to feel every emotion because if you distract yourself your never healing from it your just ignoring it which causes build up trauma. You never actually get to heal from the problems you face when you just ignore them. Sometimes,we don’t even notice that something has hurt us because we’ve became so content that it doesn’t hurt in that moment. That small inconvenience in your life matters sis. Letting things just pile up leaves room for trauma and then one day you just have to start healing from all of the built up things that you should’ve dealt with in that moment. Not finding peace will hurt you because your never actually able to enjoy your life your just stuck trying to find a way to be happy and content.

Before I just talk your ears off I’d like you to know that being at peace is not a aesthetic it’s hard work and dedication against your mind. Peace is not something that you can just wake up and grab you definitely have to work hard for your peace and be consistent in your peace. When you do get your peace don’t stop doing what you did to find your peace you’ll lose it.Take note of the things that bring you peace and do them often. Number one you have to be consistent in prayer and connecting with you spirit above your flesh. Seek God first so that he May work in heaven as you work on earth against those things or spirits sent to destroy your peace.It will all be worth it.Sometimes,it’s just you and God on your journey and that’s the best part.

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Makayla Wilmore

Makayla Wilmore is a 18 year old African American who strives to be a motivation to people of all races,genders,and ages all over the world.MaKayla’s motive is to encourage everyone to step out outside of their fears and into their Godly promised acknowledging their Peace,happiness,and self-care.Makayla is from Dallas,Tx and attends Texas A&M University Commerce with a major of psychology.She is also the business owner of the beauty line“TheWilmoreCo”.