Surviving My Brain Tumor And A Decade Of Not Giving Up

Dedication: To all the cancer/Braintumor Warriors

I never had a second thought of giving up on my life as my journey began with Brain tumor symptoms.

Yes! This is my story. I know at least one person among 10 will read my story. This is not just my story. This is a story of all those young people around the world who have gone through the journey for the entire life battling with their own health.

You are not alone!!!

That visit to the temple at 18
I was in the first year of my Graduation. Just 3 months before my first semester, we had a family vacation to visit Puttaparthi Sri Sathya Sai Baba temple in the month of September.

In one of those visits to the temple, my cousin first observed me struggling out there with my neck. As she asked me to turn back, I was unable to as my neck was too stiff like a strong pillar. It was by then when the symptoms have already started to catch hold of my neck. She sensed something and hence suggested to my father to visit a Neurosurgeon as soon as possible.

Once we were back from that vacation, I resumed going to my college. As days passed by, I gradually started feeling the symptoms like vomiting, giddiness, severe headache, neck stiffness, and lots more. Looking at the severity and frequency at which I was suffering, my father took me to a Neurosurgeon.

That moment of truth
After a thorough check-up session, our Neurosurgeon asked me to get an MRI done to find the real cause so that the right treatment can be prescribed.

Unfortunately, that day, we didn’t have enough money to go for the MRI as it was too expensive. So my father got my CT-Scan done and visited the doctor with the report in that evening. And I was preparing for my exam the next day in 2011.

My father called my family members outside to share the news. I was not aware of it. After a few moments, I saw mom rushing into my room. She was crying aloud and shivering. I was at a loss as to what might have happened.

Mom gathered all her courage and revealed that the doctor has found Brain tumor and the test report says it’s positive. I had to get the surgery done as soon as possible as the tumor was growing fast.

I was devastated. “Hey, child! You need to hear this now. You need to be strong. I know you will make this,” I remember my Dad whispering to me as he was holding me in his arms.

I started crying. I had no idea what to ask or say. I just asked one question, “Dad, are the doctors going to cut my Brain?” And his answer was positive. I was told that it’s just going to be minor surgery and all will be fine. My parents then ask me to go to sleep as it was already past 11 pm and I had exams the next day.

The next morning I woke up with severe pain in my neck. I started crying and went to college to write my English exam. I was crying and told my friends about my status and one of my friends told me, “Nothing is going to happen, stay strong you will be fine.” I was fine. I wrote my exam and my father came to college with the reports as it was important to Inform my college authorities.
I then got admitted to the hospital. The surgery was done by the expert doctors at NIMHANS, Bangalore.

I was alive. I was blinking my eyes as I witnessed another day of my life.

Life after the surgery
The journey started with my post-surgery symptoms. I had to learn to live with my imbalance walking, vision changes, vomiting, severe headache, seizures. And above all, coping with my mental health.

I suffered so long, it took almost 8 years to recover without medications. I stopped taking medications.

As a natural dancer, I kept on working on my body movements in a small room. Falling down, again and again, getting injured and whatnot. But I never gave up. I never stopped getting up again and give one more try. I cried. I still cry. But I still dance. Dance is my healing process. I made a promise to myself to keep dancing forever. It’s been over a year now that I also started practicing Yoga. It has helped me to feel my strength, get that calmness, and strengthen my dedication towards what I do and how I live now.

Whatever is happening or whatever happens, I am going to face the challenge. Too stubborn to win. Too lazy to give up.

I never gave up when I heard.

I never gave up when I was tired.

I never ever will give up when I fall apart.
I was made alive to restart my journey once again as a strong Brain tumor survivor.

I became what I wanted to become.

I still cry. But I am strong.

I am living each day of my life today.
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Harini M

Stronger Warrior Brain tumor Survivor.