Don’t Judge

I grew up in a good family. We weren’t rich, we weren’t poor. I had pretty good siblings. I was sheltered from alcohol, drugs, and smoking. I went to church, and almost everyone in my close family were Christians. I home school half the time, and then go to a hybrid private school called Living Science. I have two really good friends, and 5 dogs. My family loves me, and I lived a good life. I’m guessing this is what every stranger sees in me. When someone meets me, they see me having the perfect life. They get jealous, and think I have no problems. I am healthy, and I have never lost anyone close to me. But this doesn’t mean my life is easy. There are other things, deeper things, that no one sees. Things that I keep behind a thick wall. My life isn’t perfect. It isn’t. No one’s is. No matter how great it looks, they do have their struggles. They just may not share it. A lot of times, when you meet a bully, they have struggled through something unimaginable. Everyone has a past. So when you look at someone, take the time to understand them. Imagine what they’ve been through and their emotions. Befriend them. Love them. Because every one hurts. They just may be very good at hiding it.

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I am 13 years old, I love playing guitar, and I have 5 dogs and 3 siblings, so I don't get a ton of attention.