Empowering/Encouraging Others

Room of Ashes

I can detect the scent all the time. The apartment stinks. The building stinks anyway – apartment blocks usually do. But our apartment is where I can smell that pungent, bitter smell...

The Little Girl That Never Gave Up Hope

Growing up as a little girl I didn’t realize how special I was. At the age of seven, I was taken away from my biological parents and placed in foster care. I felt that was one of the...

My mom. My hero.

Strong. Humble. Powerful. Courageous. Brave. Independent. Hard-working. These are the words that come to my mind when I think about my mom. Raising two little girls in a single-parent...

From Ashes To Beauty

God can take your brokeness, the ashes of your old self, your old life and turn it into something beautiful. I can literally say that I have been fighting for my life since the day I was...

Stories Lift Us Up

VIDEO: Margaret Kyakunda Mubanda talks with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place, about #ThePowerOfStories to lift us up, to educate and to inspire ourselves and others.

YOUR story is unique

VIDEO: Sharon D’Agostino talks with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place, about why every woman’s story matters, and why she hopes you will share one of yours!

Stories Empower

VIDEO: Ruth Kilimo, discusses the work of Market Girls Foundation, Kenya, and the role of stories in empowering and encourage girls and young women, in this brief conversation with Elisa...

“Telling Your Story is Empowering”

VIDEO: Sonya Hartwig explains how sharing our stories can help us heal and empower ourselves and others, in this conversation with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place. 

Stories Have An Impact

VIDEO: Andrea Vazquez shares her experience of the positive impact on others of sharing her story in this brief conversation with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place.

My healing journey.

I am going to tell you my full story. There’s several people who know different chapters of this, but not a single soul that’s ever known the whole thing. Why am I doing this...