Can’t i have right to Dream

Dedication: To all who have dream but its stay dreams only.

It will be a bit long story and cant be mention in the one line or one day. it will might take weeks to finish and life is still kept on going. Its a story of a Guy born in Pakistan and all the life getting ditched from life, shattered dreams, relationship and family. Its a story of feelings, emotions, phases of life, struggle, loneliness, happiness and love. Some names will be real and some will be optional for a secure reason.

A Guy born in the historic wall city of Lahore well known as Bhattigate in a landlord family known as Jutt family. His parents were made for eachother and they share the ideal chemistry. They lived for each others. He always have been observing the atmosphere of love between his parents. It was a family of 3 sisters and 2 brothers where parents were working hard to give them love. My father have belonged from lower class family and there have been only on purpose of living near him is “Family”. Mom belong from elite class and she had everything in life and fell in love with dad. She supported him by every way of life and make him successful in the life. They were staying happily without worries of life. All children’s were having good education and I was enjoying the beautiful phase of life.

My Grandfather used to dream about me to be an Army Officer and his dream was about to come true when I have been selected in well known Army institute of Abbottabad known as Burn Hall where the students get prepared for the Army test. I have started staying away from the family in the boarding school and life was looking good ahead where family were caring, financially establish and ideal youth.

Things never stay same and we don’t know or cant even imagine how suddenly the life will going to change. I was in 10th standard when lost my grandfather and he was a pillar of our family. My parents got shattered from his death and I haven’t felt much because wasn’t in mature phase of life. Life get along and suddenly in the same year my father have an attack of paralysation of the left of his body. He have been unable to walk, move and work. The life have started to play now and parents have decided to involve my young brother (age 16) to the father business and help me to continue studies because they have been investing a lot in me. I was in a mix phase of life kind of immaturity, sensibility and youth dream. My brother was young and he have been unable to understand the tricks of business and finally the business got collapsed. Now, things got worse as they have to pay fees of me and others siblings. Dad was paralyze and mom have started knocking on the doors of her landlord rich brothers.

Life have given a lot of lesson but the basic lesson which have been learnt that everyone do for their own sake of benefit and will ask you in return whatever relation it will be. The uncles have been very loving once we have been rich and have been getting a lot of things in return but now we haven’t anything. Their eyes and nature got change and heart started becoming strong. My mother used to knock and beg from them for the medication of my father and they used to pretend not being at home. They do jokes about my father, ditched my mother and inquire them to sell out their son to them so they can serve them. They can make them servant like driver or anything disrespectful. I have been in boarding school but my family were facing it and they have kept me away from all those circumstances so I can focus on my studies. I was completing 12th standard (high school) when dad got first heart attack and been on the road where no one have been able to take care of him and my mother lonely took him to the hospital and he have survived.

During the education, I have learnt about the value of money and decided to move abroad like millions of Pakistani dream and earn money and cleared my parents that I need to move out. My dad have supported the idea and sold out his shop and discuss with his friend. His best friend told him regarding the CYPRUS that your son can study their and earn well and inquired about a huge amount of money. DAD have trusted and given him the money to arrange student visa and admission. I was happy, excited and was thinking that the dreams will come true. I remember when I left the house and my father hugged me first time in life and said ” Take care of your family because I might not be there once you will come back). I haven’t understand those words and may be he have known what he have been saying.

It usually known in life that mother love their children more than the father but I have never accepted because father will not be expressive but he don’t love less than the mother. I will share a incident that I have been suffering from throat pain in a boarding school and I have cried and asked dad to visit me and it have been a travelling of 8-10 hours. My dad came next day and took me to the throat specialist. The specialist have examined and told the dad that I have to passed through the operation of throat tonsils and it have to be done as soon as possible. He have prescribed some medicine and my dad told me that we will pass through the operation on my next vacation in coming month. he have taken me to the restaurant and we have been siting in front of each other and ordered a food. I was 17 that time and never known much about emotions and feelings maturely. The food came and dad asked me to eat but it was a bit spicy so I hold my throat with the first piece because of pain and my dad have given me a glass of water. A spoon have fell on the floor and dad went down to pick it below table and I have seen tears in his eyes and he was wiping them under the table. He have felt that pain of me in a sudden but didn’t shows his weaker side to me.

So, visa have been arranged for me and finally I was travelling to Cyprus with lot of dreams, wishes and goals of getting rich but all got collapsed in a sudden as I have entered in Cyprus and came to know. Students are not allowed to work in Cyprus and if they will get caught, they will be deported. We have been deceived by dad best friend after the closet family. I was sitting outside of the house in Cyprus and sharing the news to family that we got trapped and how will I study, pay fees and work for them. It have hit my father hard and he got a heart attack ad left us in a minutes. He wasn’t able to take anymore. (Was it a fate? Was it a murder by society? Was it have to be happen like this?)

I will continue it if I have been given a chance because it a story of life not the moments and it have lot to come. I have to get time from my work, brought back those memories and dissolve myself in that phase to convert them in words)

Story shared by...

Yasir Asif

I am Yasir who is working in the UAE and still trying to figure the phases of life. I am working as a Project Coordinator and i am sincare with my work and career. I have stopped expcting from life and peoples because both cant give anything but will take whatver you have without knowing or understnading you as a human because of their own reason.