Burden of expectation- Who to blame?

Don’t know where to begin!

But I feel so overloaded with thoughts that if I didn’t share, my mind will blast. I don’t want to get known by name, the only thing I want is to share my feeling so that I can feel relieved hoping that there is someone out there who can understand what I am going through.

Life was going well. But after marriage, everything changes!!!

Will continue with it later but first I want you to know about me.

I am from the region where you have the freedom to choose your life partner but most girls don’t do it. The reason is they don’t want to be get judged by society or have fear in their mind what people will think about them and their parents. With the same mindset, I also didn’t think about finding my life partner. My parents took the responsibility as they believe that girls should marry at a proper age.

Married at 26, which is thought to be the right age as per the society and my parents too. Things don’t remain the same. Once you are married you are responsible for everything that goes in your house and your in-laws. Everyone expects you to be perfect in everything whether it’s how you look, what you do, almost everything. Soon you begin to realize that you aren’t living for yourself but for the people around you to satisfy their needs.

If you are working then you should double your energy as you have to handle both jobs as well as home. Working married women’s life revolves around the office, husband, and home. No time for her to think of her future, likes, or dislikes. All that begins to build pressure on your mind but you cannot do anything about it as you don’t want anyone to get affected by your decisions.

I am going through the same and think that many more out there are going through it.
Photo credit: Image provided by the storyteller.