My experience being hard of hearing

Growing up was hard for me. When a baby is born you don’t except something wrong with it but for me it was different. I was born hard of hearing and I hate it. You see hard of hearing means you can’t hear well..So I had to get hearing aids. My first ones were when I was just about a couple months old. Of corse I didn’t understand at the time but as I got older it was different. You see I wasn’t sad about it, I knew I was different but some times I wish I was “normal” I wasn’t bullied but there were some kids who were mean but I didn’t care. I hated to put my hair up because people will see my hearing aid and I didn’t like it. People aways treated my different because of my hearing loss and I felt weird about it. I don’t want to be treated different because of it. But I’m am 16 years old now and I realize that this is a gift. Yes I may have trouble hearing but it doesn’t mean I’m different, I can do things like other people can do. So aways love your self for who you are and don’t let anyone tell you that your different.