My bullying experience

Hi my name is Jules Let me give you some background information about me before I start this story. I went to a Christian school.
I had some friends but not many. This started when I was in fifth grade. The boy who bullied me was two years older than me but we ate lunch at the same time. We had this thing called after- care. I was playing with a volleyball and going to a place where I could play in peace,when the bullie came up to me and PURPOSELY bumped into me. Let’s call him Chris. Chris wasn’t always nice with me. He used to be nice to me when I was younger cause I guess he considered me as a baby or something. When he bumped in to me he said “Get out the way retard.” I was confused so I said you bumped into me! He walked away and continued playing kickball with his friends. Oh let me just say that my three ONLY friends were playing with him. They told me that he was nice and he cared about me and if I got hurt he’d help but that’s not true at all! Once I fell on the playground at recess and Chris came up to me “do you need some help” he said he gave me his hand then boom he dropped me on the floor again. That’s when I started to avoid him. His constant bullying went on and on until I convinced my mom to move me to a new school. I have his brother’s number and my old friends’ so sometimes when we meet up he’s there. That was one year ago I’m 11 now. What did you think of my story?