Ask God to give you strength and overcome everything

Dedication: teenagers

Today I’ve decided to share my story with everyone.

I’m a 17 year old girl,a second born of two siblings.
I live with my father and my stepmom,my stepsis and my little brother

In 2012 my biological mother and my dad started to have problems.
In 2013 they divorced
During all those years when everything was good and we were a happy family,my siblings and I we didn’t need anything
We got everything we wanted if there was enough money for us to get it
We were not a rich family,but normal
My dad used to try by all means for us to live a happy and healthy life

During those years my older sis and my little brother they were the most loved
But that didn’t got to me so badly because i got everything that I wanted
But my dad’s and my mom’s love was not enough

In 2013 when I was 12,my parents divorced and my mom abandoned us and my dad was working in another province
So when he heard from our grandmother that my mom left,he came and fetched me and my lil brother, during that year my sis was doing grade 12 so she had to finish school so that she can come and live with us
I did my Grade 7 living with my dad and my little brother
At that time the only thing my dad cared most about was my big sis and my lil brother
All he wanted from me was good marks at school and taking care of my brother
I felt lonely because I was only 12

In 2014 when I was going to high school,my dad took me and my lil brother to live with our stepmom
That’s when I started to feel hated and more lonely
Because my stepmom loved her daughter more me and she didn’t hide it
My was too blind to see everything
So because of all this I failed my Grade 8
My teachers were surprised with my failure because I was a bright student

I cried to my dad telling him that I want to live with my grandmom so that I can regain my interest in school work and be brilliant again
And Leave him
He agreed
I went to live with my grandmom and repeated my Grade 8
And I passed with flying COLOURS
When I was doing Grade 9 in 2016 my grandmother wanted more money from my dad and my dad said he’s not going to that I might just come back and live with him again

I got tired with this up and down so I Tried to commit suicide
But I survived
In April 2016 I went back to live with my dad and stepmom,my lil broh and stepsis

After I tried to kill myself I realised that killing myself is not a solution
I Prayed each and every night asking God to give me strength to accept my situation
I know I am young to go through this

So in 2016 I passed my Grade 9 and in 2017 last year I was doing Grade 10 and I Passed With flying colours Letting nothing to bring me down no matter how hurt I get when I’m at home

I Haven’t seen my mom since 2013

So This Year I am 17 years doing Grade 11

I have accepted myself that I won’t get any love from other people but myself
so I’ve learned to love my self and accept my situation and focus on my studies
Because education is the only thing that can make me successful and be proud of my self

So To All people out there struggling with acceptance and low self esteem
Just Pray and ask God to give you strength and overcome everything

If I can do it at my younger age,Surely you can do it It Too