An Angel During Change

Job titles and salaries will never determine my qualities as a person, this is what I used to think and what I used to share with people around me. However, after reaching a point in my work in a regional position that made me feel proud and that gave me financial security, that theory was being challenged for the first time. The feeling of victory and the recognition from my coworkers and family members turned into a sweet drink that I didn’t want to stop sipping.

After several years of successfully meeting the responsibilities within my role, I found myself in the middle of a very difficult reorganization that was leading me to job insecurity. The process, which brought anguish, frustration and disappointment, forced me to evaluate the path available to continue supporting the finances, health and growth of my family.

The scenario offered very limited options. The only solution for my situation was to step down in position and salary. The decision was very difficult because it meant giving up a position that I was very attached to not just because I felt passion for it, but because it made me feel very comfortable.

There’s no doubt the change was a deep knock to my ego, and it was likely interpreted as a failure by some around me. The support from my family was critical through the entire process and the blessing of having a life coach who turned into one of my dearest friends was my salvation.

Within a couple of weeks my coach helped me strengthen my self-esteem and equipped me with the tools to put my priorities and needs in perspective. Thanks to my “angel” I gained the strength and wisdom to lead my own process of change and to understand what was best for me.

I still remember the first day in my new position. Those who knew me in my previous role were surprised to see me in this one. That day I decided to share solutions and positive thoughts with every person walking by my new desk. I knew that I wouldn’t be defined by the job position or the salary, but by a good attitude at work and helping and serving others.

This is when my story became an inspiration for some people that I knew and for others that I met afterwards. Today I feel at peace and completely grateful to those who supported me, but especially thankful to that wonderful “angel” that God put in front of me to help me shape and execute a strategy full of humility and courage.

Now more than ever, Maya Angelou’s famous phrase resonates with me: “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them”.

This storyteller shared her story in Spanish and in English. Here is the link to the Spanish version of this story…

Photo credit: © Melinda Nagy |