I need hope and support, I’m feeling mad and upset right now an it’s because of my mother. I just had a meltdown a while ago because my mom was yelling me which I ignored because I don’t need to freaking hear everything she had to say and I can’t take it anymore. Because of what I was doing all this time. I am diagnosed with mild autism and usually as a toy to keep me relaxed and stimulated. I play with straws, and draw on my sketch pad. Whenever I imagined I do those kind of stuff. My mom says that I am an idiot/retard, slob, witch, fool, and a jobless/delayed person when I’m actually not. She would also cuss at me when mad but I don’t like it, she would threaten me for me to be replaced or taken away. I can do more better than those things and that I’m smart and have some talents and abilities. I am an ambivert although with more introversion (introvert) traits and my mom is more of an extrovert. And since I have autism, it tends to affect my social skills. I’d always say that I’m smart more than social because on my smart side I have good academics and am most of my classes are B’s and some A’s. I have already got some emails from colleges like ADMA, Wichita University, etc. and it’s because of my good academics. And on my social side, I have friends especially from school. However I am not much of an outgoing person would sometimes be quiet. I only don’t like one person because she get on my nerves think that I’m a retard and a little kid when I’m 17 years old and she is my mom’s friend that I don’t like. My mom wants her instead of me and I even don’t like that. I can be nice and give people respect. I even behave well in school. I like school and am a funny person. And the rest I may want to save some space. So Thank You for taking your time reading my story and feel free to give me feedback.