You’re not alone

My life never was as perfect as in the movies. I’m a new generation to this world who still is trying to find myself. Mu childhood was like anyother family. We did trips together, spent the days laughing and playing around. Alrhough my family did have many issues such as handling anger. One memory I have from my childhood is one day my father had an unexpected blowout. He screamed for ours blaiming everyone that stood in his way. Me as an 7-year old was crying under my covers prayin for it toget silent. My older brother got physical with my dad and my mom was going to call the cops on them. Forward to now i have suffered severe depression for abour 4-6 years. I had only one goal and it was to stop myself from living another day. I spent my years in closed hospitals, in the ambulance or being watched like a hawk every move I did. School never went well. I had a challenging years of draining myself in school work. School didn’t help getting rid of my negative thoughts. So hurting myself was my only option. Looking at my body now I regret even starting it in middle school, i haven’t excepted my scars yet, it will take time to realise that the scars on my skin make me stronger. As you can tell my life never went the way I wanted it to go but Im got so far why give up.
So, Whoever is reading this right now I want you to know that your not alone in this unfair world.