You Can Choose

What I love about Girls on the Run is that I can express all my feelings and emotions. I feel like I don’t have to hide my problems anymore. I feel like I am going to be able to be and eat healthyer. I love being there afterschool with coach Hurley, coach Yates, coach Malissa, and when coach Laurn is there I also enjoy being there with her too. That is what I love about Girls on the run. My favorite lesson on Girls On The Run was lesson 2 (choosing to be a girl on the run) The theme was “Choice”. That was my favorite because I get to choose what to eat, what to do, what job to have when I get older, to be truthful or dishonest, and encoriging others. I choose this lesson because I choose to be a girls on the run. My most memorable moment from Girls on the Run was when we did they lesson that was “Stop And Take A Brthrr”. I choose this because I liked when we had to come up with a dance for the lesson and we had think about what happens to our body and minds when we are in a type of mood. Girls on the Run is so much fun because I am there twice a week with my friends/teammates and my coaches that I know are giving it there all that they can and I am glad. The reason girls on the run is so much fun is because I will ALWAYS enjoy being there with them I hope they enjoy being there with me too.

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