Dani Backrides

Dedication: Bridget Petrus

I was very nervous and almost scared at first. Would I be a good coach? Can I handle teaching young girls life lessons without teaching experience or children of my own? I learned quickly they wanted to learn from me and also have the opportunity to tell me more about themselves. With each lesson we grew closer and the way these girls took to me just blew my mind. They were so open and loving and never judged me or one another. I have dedicated my story to Bridget because she blew me away she was a child who was wise beyond her years. She gave me hope for the future of the world. She was attentive each lesson and really soaked in the materials, she was kind to everyone and had a smile that she wore everyday that would brighten anyone’s day. I gave back rides one day.. each girl got a turn. When we wrote thank you letters at the end of GOTR it blew me away how much those meant to the girls. Its was something so simple that I could give them “Dani back rides.”

Story shared by...

Danielle Demers