Life is hard but you can always get through it

Let me tell you a little bit of a story bare with me it’s a little long:

I was adopted. I was from Kansas City Missouri I am one of 11 siblings also including my twin brother, for my whole entire life I felt there was always apart of me missing, questions unanswered, a culture that was different then I knew what was in the blood running through my veins. Now I didn’t have the best childhood growing up, in fact it was very rough i was raised in an abusive house hold, didn’t go to school until i was 15, raised my brothers, and i was always being hurt and feared to be around those who adopted me. most days i wish i had a different life then the life that was chosen for me. But everyday I woke up stronger then I was and because of that life I’m here now. I knew little about my birth family because it was a closed adoption. And they really are closed with little to no information. something about being adopted just can’t be explained unless you’ve been there, wether you’ve had a good life or not, being curious about your heritage and where you came from and who you were isn’t uncommon. Now when i turned 18 i tried what i could to finding any and all information that may have existed at the time. Finding them wasn’t to replace the family I have, it wasn’t to hurt anyone. It was for me and soley me. I came across my non identifying birth information. It told me the ages of my parents what they were doing at the time of my birth. And it told me that my biological mother struggled with some things and gave me and my twin up for adoption to provide us with a better life then she could’ve gave us at the time. Later on did i know there was more of us. It also told me that my biological father worked on cars. Through the years with lots of dead ends i had uploaded my dna to websites knowing my name was changed I just kind of put it in God’s hands and told myself I’d probably never find them. Now i didn’t know exactly what to expect when i did or would’ve found them. But one day this last April I noticed a friends father was from Kansas City Missouri. And something inside me told me I needed to talk to him and tell him my story to share in hopes someone would see it one of my biological family members would see it and recognize any of the information I had. 4 months later 800+ shares and I woke up one morning to a email from one of my sisters, she said “ call me I believe I’m your biological sister and I’m sitting here with our mother right now “ I had just woke up and couldn’t believe what kind of scam email that was in shock of course I decided to call the number and sure enough one of my sisters and my mother was there and I lost it cried for hours something I never thought would happen happened. Come to find out I have 3 more beautiful sisters to add to the 1 I grew up with and 7 more brothers to add to the 9 I already have. counting 20 brothers and sisters I get to love. Along with both my biological parents who are now apart of my life. Now the reason I’m sharing this is because after 24 years I have a huge piece to my life finally here and it’s been a very overwhelming last few months. My true friends and family have been there for me and that I thank you for. Blood has nothing to do with being family, it’s who is there for you at the end of the day. not everyone may understand why I needed to know what it is I needed to know. This is my life it’s been a hard one a crazy one but now I have so many more people who can be apart of my life. Everything happens for a reason life can suck but don’t ever give up on something your so Passionate about. Do not give up no matter how hard life can get. Find your people. Find your why. Find your reason. And last be there for your children they need you just as much as you need them ❤️

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Lily M

I’m a 24 year old mother to 2 children whom are my world i strive every day to be the mother my mother wasn’t to me, I reside in Montana and after a very abusive childhood a repeating cycle I am free and doing so good because I’ve overcame