You are NOT alonešŸŒ¹Scars to your Beautiful

Dedication: My sister A, I love you so much 'mom'.

When I was little I grew up in a bad neighborhood. The people who were in my house were not trustworthy or safe to be around. My biological parents were always out with there friends getting high or drunk. They were both still so young. I was never alone in that house . I was always with my baby brother and my amazing older sister who was only 2 years older than me. We have different dad’s but we never even talk about that. People at that house were always getting arrested, on house arrest, drunk, high or in a bad state of mind. There were a lot of fights. My biological parents fought all the time. They were never even married. I was little so I loved them so much no matter what. My bio parents were never there for my and my little brother. You’ll never guess who learned to make dinners, lunches, breakfast, checked our homework, tucked us into bed, pack us up for school, made us school lunches, made sure we brushed our teeth. I was all by my sister I love adore and look up. At the time, she was 7 she didn’t even get to have a childhood. She spent her childhood watching me and my little brother. I was in tears when I realized she sacrificed everything by choice for us. My biological parents have been in Jail and prison more than I care to say. I have always wanted to know what my life would be like if I stayed. I now have step brothers. I am in tears for them because they have to deal with my mother that I had hopes for. She hasn’t changed whatsoever I look her up sometimes and see that she gets charged with something new every time I look her up. My biological father, he is an alcoholic. When I was about 6 we had a family meeting with his life coach/friend B. My little brother wasn’t allowed to attend the meeting. And my sister didn’t live with me then. B asked me how I felt about my “Daddy” being an alcoholic and going to prison a lot. I broke into tears telling my daddy to stop. I’m tired of this . I just want my Daddy. Please. I looked at him. He was now crying. I thought he would change after that but he didn’t . I wish he would change. I haven’t seen them in years, and i’m glad. They have already screwed with my life long enough. I’m 14 now and I only get to see my sister 1 time a year and we treasure that time we get with each other. My grandparents adopted me and my little brother. To this day I get angry at them for not adopting her too. I love her. So much. My friend she posted something saying “The goofiest people you know are most likely the people who have had the worst sh*t happen to them.” i remember thinking for a second. that is very true. Everything that post said was describing me. I have ADHD, anxiety, and depression. I made a quote once saying ” i hate sympathy but love comfort.” I am glad my bio-parents live in different states. I want others to hear my story to know they are NOT alone. I felt very alone at some points in my life. I got thru it all with my best friend.

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I am 14 and I love to play soccer, hangout with friends, I am an excellent photographer. I love camping. I am very social. You would never believe me if I told you my life story.