You are beautiful

I write this article to remind y’all of how beautiful you are, and how wonderful you are made to be. Few days back, I met this lady who was furious over a guy that called her ugly and abused her with all sort of bad name, she was so vexed to the point she shed tears… I smiled and said to her; people will always make you feel bad, but your beauty is extravagant.

Do not ever let anyone underestimate how beautiful you are, do not let them see you for who you are not, you don’t expect people to always get to understand your beauty, do you? People’s perception of beauty lies in their shape of life; some people lack the test of the sweetness of life – they don’t say sweet things, so when you get to meet people of such nature, they tend to pour out the bitterness of life through their words to you, that shouldn’t navigate your perception about yourself.

Always tell yourself, ‘I am beautiful’ always appraise yourself, no matter how rough it is, always remind yourself that beautiful things go through rough processes; the roughness of this present time is but a polish to expose your beautiful nature, so when you get to face bad times that seem endless to the core, always know that; you are beautifully personified.

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Godswill Okwori