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Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it contains references to rape and molestation.

Hi I’m Rynita but everyone calls me “Buffi”
I recently turn 30. I’ve been fighting Pancreatic Cancer Stage 4 for 2 years ( my doctors dont see longevity with my cancer) my father also had Pancreatic Cancer stage 1 he passed from Covid this pass December.

We also lost the only woman i called granny the same week I’ve lost a brother and sister to cancer as well. Im currently disabled and homeless. I do have family and friends that help when they can. But with this pandemic and my fixed income its hard to make ends meet but my boyfriend is a BIG help as well.

Okay so From birth the odds were against me my moms addiction..doctors saying i wouldn’t live past 7. my brother and I being in foster care… own addictions… being rapped at gunpoint…..molested (by family)…….being sold to the highest bidder….exotic dancing……extremely physical abusive relationships…….you name it ive been there and then some…..smh it get deep like sips tea deeeep

As much as i know my story is a future Starz or HBO fav…..
*I probably wont be here long enough to see that come true but fingers crossed

I tell you unknown reader this is not the END!!!
Keep your faith STRONG and everyone needs Support im telling you a good support team can really make a difference when battling a Terminal illness or any ailments.

You might be having one of those crappy days and may wanna give up throw that towel in “aat att no ma’am no ham” lol you don’t give up honey you fight and push through honestly females Whether you were born a female or you became one(no judgement) females are literally the backbone to the world to everyday functional things we create life we are a blessing to the world and if i can go through all of these issues heartbreaks depression (even struggled with suicide) and hardships then you can too. Im not saying i got it together because i dont but im trying sis and thats all we ask of you keep trying dont give up it does eventually get better…..untill next time its been real…….

Buff McGruff

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Im a young 30 year old stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer fighting homeless Baddie (say that five times fast lol) that wants to live to see the next day but help whomever along the way🥰