what people say

Dedication: to everyone this for everyone lisening carefully

ok so this is my story oneday i was going school my hair was open people staring to call me witch i tell them is none of you business my life my when i get home i cry like kid and it hit me on my head and on my heart and after that i say to myself i’m beautiful i don’t care what stupid things then say i just stand back up and talk to them i just follow my heart people i want say you are beautiful just the way you are don’t care what people say when then say something like you ugly,fat and gross stand back up and talk to them like a superwoman or superman tell them its none of your business stupid . say them be careful what you say because words can hurt. i want say try to be happy with you body thank god who gave you have a beautiful body, face because you soooooo beautiful just the way you are and don’t follow what say about you style of body or wearing thing or faces or body shape