Valuable Lessons

I first heard about Girls on the Run at an event for individuals with disabilities. I attended the fair as a vendor and loved the inclusivity that GOTR stood for. In talking with the GOTR representative, her passion for helping girls realize their power and abilities was motivating and inspiring. The mission of GOTR hit home for me because I’m a single mom and although my daughter was only 4 years old at the time, the seed was planted and I knew I wanted to be a part of an organization that showed girls the strength that lives inside them. Only five years later the door opened when my daughter’s school was looking for another coach in order to continue the program at the school. I gladly and proudly offered. My daughter has seen me struggle throughout the years as it took me until my adult life to learn how to speak up for myself, how to express my emotions in healthy ways, and how to use the inner strength that has always been inside me. But now we’re sharing the experience of being a part of GOTR where she has the opportunity to learn these valuable lessons at an age when she is forming her identity. I am confident this will shape her in a way that she will be equipped to handle adversity all through her life. And the best part is that I get a front row seat to watching this confidence build inside her.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Girls on The Run International.

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Heather Rosenwinkel