I know him from 2 yrs & in these two years we had huge fight twice cause of another gurl making her pic taken with my man public in her tiktok or insta as if they are in love.. He never told me about her. Each time she made their pic or video public, I used to fight with him & cut him off from my life thinking he is wid her and bluffed me. However, he himself used to come back everytime saying she is just a friend and is in abroad. He is the one who gave me hope n made me believe that he is no more than a friend and he only wants me in his life n loves me.

Now that he is in abroad, we are in long distance relation. Out of nowhere the same girl claims her as her husband. When I confronted him, he says it was only registered marriage for visa purpose. He says he will cancel their marriage soon as he moved to different country. He says he only wants me as his partner n asks me to be there in same country where he is right now once I complete my masters here. In our conversation, he convinces me that he wants me there wid him and he will wait for me till I complete my masters. He promised me that he wont make any contacts with that girl and are in process of canceling marriage wid her.

But somewhere in corner of my heart I feel like I am being bluffed n nothing ever about me and our moment mattered to him.

On one side, he says he married her just for visa and its not real. Eventually he will cancel it. He wants me as real n future partner. On contrary, she acts like u they are in love and they had love marriage.

All I can see here is either he is bluffing me or her or himself.