Hello everyone out there. Hope you all are doing well. Today I want to share my story. The things I’m facing for the past 1 year.

I’m a 22yr old living on my own for the first time. I mainly started living alone because I wanted freedom and start adulting.

1year ago I met a boy through my job. He was is my office. We met and hit it off and started dating. We weren’t exclusive but then we started living together because of few consequences. Now this was my first mistake. How could I live with a boy with whom I barely know? That’s right I thought the same but he assured me that it’s fine. Slowly we started dating properly like meeting each other’s friends. Meeting family. But after 6 months I realised that he is not just a cheater but also a pathological liar. He lied about every damn thing. Everything means everything. I am a very understanding person. Understanding in the sense that if my boyfriend tells me that he wants to party with his boys instead of having a date night with me I would have completely understand. I would have felt bad but I would understand. Even if there were girls I would never made any objection. But he lied about everything. At first I used to believe but then I used to understand his lies. This went on for few more months and then the quarrels started. He used to cheat on me and then lie about it even after I used to catch him. After 8months of our relationship I wanted to meet a girl. Now he cheats on me with this girl. He refused to introduce us. He gave lame excuses and when I was stubborn that I wanted to meet this girl he started beating me. Yes that’s right he thrashed me like cats and dogs. I was in bed for days because of the injuries I received. He apologized alot and I didn’t go to the police or tell anyone. That’s my second mistake. Now his torture started more badly. He abused me physically emotionally and mentally. I used to beg him not to torture me so badly but he never listened. Finally I got pregnant one day. And when I told him that he left for his native home within 1hr. He came back with abortion pills. I agreed because I am just 22 and I don’t want to ruin my career because I just got a big promotion and pay rise. But he just gave me the medicine and wanted to leave for his hometown immediately. I asked him not to as I would need his emotional and mental support. He didn’t agree. And he thrashed me again when I was begging him not to leave. Yeah, he thrashed the shit out of me while I was pregnant. I again suffered multiple injuries. The next thing I did is abort the child and went back to my home since I had work from home and I wanted to run away. I haven’t seen him after that. I have cut him off completely. I left my few things at his place and I don’t give any damn about those things. I still have pain in my fingers because they were fractured by him. I have never felt so depressed. I still am. I don’t know how to live with this. I don’t know how long I can continue this.