To All women

Being a woman can be hard when it comes to being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, etc. Yes, it might be hard but just as that we are strong, powerful, smart, important, we are unique.

We all deserve to be treated good, we share the same values,
we all have different cultures, our own goals, different feelings, personality, we are different in a way but in the end, we are all women who deserve the best
we might be scared sometimes or feel lost, but we are not perfect and we all make mistakes but that’s how we learn, no one is ready for anything. when it comes to being a mom we never practice for it, we learn it on the way and if we mess it up we are the ones that are going to fix it.

my goal is to make a woman feel powerful.
we all go through hard moments, we experience difficult times and even though we wake up every day expecting our day to be good, we fight for it
Sometimes we wait for people to tell us how strong we are, but try this go to the mirror look at yourself, and tell yourself how hard you have worked to get to where you are now, and if you haven’t achieved what you want then tell the person in the mirror that you are powerful and that you can do anything you want we are here for one reason we have to make this better helping each other is what makes a difference, sometimes we feel trapped for a different reason, being a woman is not easy but we can do this.

feeling tired
we get to a point where we feel that we can’t anymore we just feel like giving up on something some of us are going through deaths, divorces, lose a job, getting abused, lies, family separation, and how do we through all this and still be strong. Today I want to tell all the women out there that you are more than you think and that if you are afraid of something you are the owner of your life you are the only one that can make it change, you have to take all that you have inside and show yourself of how capable you are, no one is going to come to you and tell you what you can do and you can’t

life is not easy for none of us, we suffer every day. but we are here we gotta make sure it is worth it, life is like a trip we come for a certain time and then we leave, so before traveling we make a plan of what we are doing during the trip, even tho we make plans everything can change at the moment, that’s how life is we have goals and maybe not everything goes how we expect it to go, we have to understand that not everything is perfect and yes it’s hard for us when we see that life is going better for other people, we don’t know what they’ve been through and that is one of the big mistakes we always look to other people while instead, we should be working on us.
making ourselves a priority is what is going to help us see life differently, sometimes we are scared of deciding something because we don’t know the consequences or we might know and that’s why we are afraid but darling if we don’t make the right choices or we never at least try we are never going to know what could have happened, so that’s why today I am telling you to risk it.


Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you CAN’T because you CAN you decide for yourself.

My story
being alone is not easy, I am Katheryne Brizuela, I was born in a beautiful country, Honduras, currently living in the United States, and I am 20 years old.
sometimes we think we are going through a hard time until we see what other people are going through.

When I was 4 years and a half, my mom immigrated to the US so we can have a better life, leaving my brothers and myself, seeing my mom leave was such a hard moment, my siblings and I didn’t have any idea of what was going to happen with us, with the time we got separated, I went to live with my dad, my sister went with her family on her dad’s side and my brother stayed with my Grandma, when this happened We never talked to each other again since we were so little, my sister was 7 years old and my brother was 9 years old, this is where my life starts, my experience living with my dad was complicated, I was living with my Dad, my stepmother and my siblings on my dad’s side, not everyone gets the chance to live with good stepmother, all I can say is that it was not a good experience, I went through a lot, but I am not here to talk badly of a person even knowing this person hurt me a lot, with the time I was learning how strong I was and yes I was so little to understand this but there is no age for you to see life different, I went to school I had good grades no one knew of how my life was going not even my dad because he was usually working and so the only person there was basically my stepmother of who I was scared of. I was growing up and I learned that life was not easy but that I had to keep going, I was 10 years old when I started going to church I was so happy that I was able to learn more about God, going to church helped me a lot even though I would only go on Sundays, I would see life different, having faith that one day my life would change. I remember going to the window every night crying looking at the sky how beautiful the stars are every night I would feel the air on my face it was like someone telling me that everything I wished for was going to come soon.

I would never say that everything that happened to me was because of my dad or my mom, all the bad, sad moments I had was because of my Stepmother, being scared of a person is not good, but it makes you a strong person and there’s always a time where everything changes.

when I was 14 I got the opportunity to make a change in my life, immigrating to the US, I knew it was dangerous I would watch the news and all I could see was a lot of scary stories about people immigrating to the US, I remember the day before I decided to come to the US I had a project at the school, it was about people immigrating to the US we were going to go to the streets tell people not to do it, this would make it even harder for me, but all I wanted was to stop suffering and being with my mother, so the day came, during this moment I met other people immigrating, It was so sad to see other people going through this so they can have a better life we were all there for the same reason, a better future. I went through really hard moments, I was scared but I had faith that the good moment would come, and guess what it came thanks to God I made it all the way here. when I saw my mother after 10 years all I felt was peace and love. that is one of the best moments in my life.

My first language is Spanish when I came to this country I did not know any English I could not even understand anything, well actually the only thing I remember I could understand was “what’s your name”,

I went to High school and it was a hard time but I knew I could do it, I remember the first day of school people offering me weed me it was so sad that such young people were doing that, but I was not focused on that with the time I knew I had to learn English so I started practicing my English by listening to music, watching movies, and even using apps, it helped me a lot but for me, it was not enough, I was so afraid to speak English because of my accent or what if I wasn’t pronouncing the words correctly I was also afraid of what the students would think. when my senior year came all I could think was about graduating and going to college or university, everything happened so fast I remember applying for different universities, at this moment I was feeling so excited even though I would not speak that much English at least I would understand it, the graduation day came and I was happily graduating with honors I had a GPA of 3.5 my family was so happy and proud of me, I also got accepted to some universities.

Sometimes not everything goes how we expect it to go, I went through a hard time with my family, so I had to get off college, and ended up moving to a different city with a cousin who helped me a lot when I went to live with him I was not prepared for anything I did not know how to drive, never had worked, didn’t speak that much English, I didn’t know anything, I was feeling depressed, alone, but my cousin and his girlfriend helped me a lot, my cousin once told me you have to learn you have to be strong because from now on it is you, no one else. So he started to teach me how to drive, it was crazy we went to the street and he told me okay you take the car from her I was like wait a minute I don’t know anything about driving but I did it I learned how to drive after a month of practicing I went to the DMV to do the test and guess what I failed it the first time that was because I didn’t study I thought I knew everything, but no I had to study so two weeks after I went again and I passed it, after one month from passing the writing test I took the driving test, OH MY GOD I was so nervous, I remember the instructor asking me for the signals I would not even understand because of how nervous I was until he asked me in Spanish, after that, we went on the driving test and yesss I passed it, I felt so proud of my self. but like people say after a hard moment the good comes after that I applied for my first job since I could not continue studying, I started working at a small airport from where I live, that was my first job experience where I learned a lot, now I work at a retail store feeling a little bit more stabilized, renting a room by myself and learning new things every day. to close up with this story I want to say that I believe in changes. I also want to share with you all that I do have goals and I hope that one day I can achieve them, never is too late for anything, and yes I will share one of my goals.
Well, I remember when I was little I had this geography class, we had this project in groups about acting a story where we did a good job and got 10/10, at the end of the class our teacher told our group that we were such good actors and since that moment I been wanting to act, but it is hard for now but I do see my self acting in a movie hopefully one day.

I want to keep learning and improving on my English, I do my best every day to learn more and more.

One last thing I want to tell all the girls out there is that you can do it, trust yourself and be confident about it.
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