Two losses; one decade

Dedication: Adrienne and Peter Hennessy

Lived with two very hard workers. My father was an alcoholic, but a hard worker, provider. My mom, the best way same hard worker, provided everything, just wasn’t a drinker. Many fights and arguments and things I don’t want to share , but as we all got older, we got better at communicating and family life got better, or so I thought. I went to college, and one morning found my father with a gun in his lap and committed suicide in 2009. It crushed our family.

Like everything, life must move on. I began a career, had a great rapport with my mom, the she got diagnosed with cancer in 2016. It really has tested me to this day. As my mom did last long. ..

I’ve had many chances to give up but I know my parents would want me to do something more. I’m very introverted. But am ready to share my story. Hopefully normalize and help others. That’s it.

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Joe hennessey

Trying to connect and normalize, share, no judgement, no predjuice