To Exist And Be Alive Makes You Worthy

Dedication: To the great women in my life, who lift me up when I am down.

They say your twenties are for self-discovery and exploration. I am 27 years old and the last 7 years have been nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster ride. In my earlier years, I was filled with self-doubt and anxiety because I was unsure of who I was as a person. I sought validation from whether or not I was smart enough, pretty enough or cool enough. My awakening for self-love started when I was 25. I reached a breaking point where I realized the world was not going to tell me what I needed to hear. The affirmations and self-belief had to come from within.

Firstly, I had to forgive myself for being so hard on myself. I had to let go of those thoughts of fear and guilt. I would remind myself of the many small miracles that I had witnessed in my life- having a supportive family, being able to go to school, having the freedom to exist- I could not take these blessings for granted. I would stand in the mirror, stare at my face and state all the things I loved about myself. It seemed silly at first but I needed to hear those words to build my confidence and self-appreciation.

Believing in yourself can seem like such radical move. As young women and girls we are bombarded with messages from the world that tell us we are not enough. It is a culture that benefits from our low self-esteem and self-deprecation. However, it takes times to reprogram your mind to block those false lies.

To exist and be alive makes you worthy. Scientists estimate that there is a one in 400 TRILLION probability that you can be born. Isn’t that insane?! The fact that you made HERE means that you are already winning in life.

In my late twenties, I have realised that the experiences I have had, have led me to this beautiful point where I am able to honour myself as a young black woman and celebrate that. When doubt creeps in, I make my affirmations of truth. My goal in sharing my story is to get as many young women around the world to start loving and believing themselves. We are so amazing and the whole world must know it.

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Tariro Mantsebo

Tariro is a young medical doctor based in South Africa and Zimbabwe. She is originally from Zimbabwe. She is an advocate for women's empowerment, health and mental health. Her goal is to improve health by addressing issues of mental health and lifestyle wellness in young people. Bringing awareness to matters of social injustice and health inequities is important to her. She uses her writing platform to educate and help create a world where positivity, self-identity and good living is embraced.