Today, I realized that I am so strong, because I have three stories like this. Three times someone tried to rape me—first, when I was eight years old, [the] second time when I was nine years old, and despite everything…I was so strong. Everything that I planned, I achieved those goals. That makes me feel so proud of myself. A lot of girls, some who were raped or who were almost raped, do not share their stories. They think that they are useless, they are bad, and life has ended for them. They forget they exist as a person, as a human being. I am ready to share my stories, and I am ready with all my heart and all my soul to contribute as much as I can [so that] these girls understand that there are some people out there who support them.
Photo credit: Images provided by Footage and by the storyteller.

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‘A1’ created this story as a participant in the Girl-talk-Girl program ( by Footage ( Girl-talk-Girl connects young women worldwide, using mobile digital storytelling to spark dialogue and change around the gender-based violence present in their lives. Footage is a NGO with a mission to raise voices to elevate lives through creative research, media arts, and the science of storytelling.