Am i the problem?

Dedication: My boyfriend

I just wanted to share this with you guys since i really have no one to tell this, well my boyfriend and i have been dating for 11 months now, and we always celebrate every month of our relationship. We had a little fight and haven’t been feeling well because of mental struggle, i offered him that i should go and visit him so i could give him the comfort and love he needs but he refused because he needs a space, he said he won’t be talking to any friends and just wanted to cope by watching movies and series, at morning he said he is with his male friend, which really upset me because that’s supposed to be our day to celebrate [Feb 23 , 2022] i feel very unimportant and worthless, and i feel like he just doesn’t want to hang out with me that’s why he lied by saying he wants to be alone, but ended up having some people in his house hanging out with him.. so am i really the problem?