The story of my life.

Dedication: My therepyst

Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it contains references to childhood rape, abuse, and self-harm.

All the crap in my life started right when I came into this world. My bio dad was a drug addict and in and out of jail. My mom was doing everything she could do to keep us safe, so she decided to move back with her parents and Devorce him. the man who would adopt me when I was four came into my life when I was two. When I was in kindergarten we moved to our own house. The year after that we started running out of money and had to go live with my non bio dads parents . We will just call him dad. Then the year after that in second grade this girl named A decided it would be a good idea to manipulate me into having sex with her throughout the whole grade school. Then we moved. A girl named A and her mom fucked with my head. I started getting arrested and going to psyc wards. I was okay for 6 months and then I got a very bad theat. At that point I was doing drugs cutting myself and trying to commit suicide. So I went to residential. Stayed for a year and got the help I needed.


Dedicated to my wonderful therapy at Sophie