The Silent Torture

From a home that acted differently behind closed doors, from a, mom who hated me from birth, to man who was allowed in our home and allowed to rape me,to a mean teacher, to a pastor who spoke evil of me. I am Forever Different due to random acts of both physical and mental abuse done by the people who were supposed to love, protect and help me. A unexpected horrific murder of a beloved brother. Domestic violence which occurred in 2 failed marriages. 3 miscarriages. Becoming a 100% disabled veteran and homeless at the same time. Learning how to forgive, cope and overcome it all and how it does affect me even to this day.
Photo credit: Image provided by the storyteller.

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Jennifer Smith

I've struggled/been through literally it feels like a lifetime of horrible abuse and mistreatment. I've been wanting to share my story openly in hopes of helping others...but not knowing how to or where to start. Currently I'm a 41 year old survivalist. I'm away from all that evil. To a point I am happy and proud of myself and yet on the same time I struggle with loneliness. I have no close friendship or family; but I want them so desperately. My past makes it extremely hard to connect with others and feel safe at the same time and I want to change/overcome this and become a voice for women/girls.