The introvert girl

Dedication: No

So this is my first time writing and posting to world.
Im a 26 years old Indian girl who is single(whole lives😂) and staying with parents and siblings.
Im blessed with wonderful family. I also have a big group of basically everything seems perfect but I am an introvert person

I spent who life hiding behind might be family or friends.
I am just tooo scared to open up for various.
If I could think out reasons, there might because of my physical appearance. I’m a very simple nerd girl (names that given by many).I have low confidence level especially when it comes to talk in English.i have very limited communication skills and mainly I am just scared of everything!! Especially humans..that’s strange right!!
But I think some of you could relate to me.

I always be the good kind girl infront of everyone and people tends to see me as just a good girl.
Even I believe in that all the while.i don’t have the experience, how is it feels if I stand out or be the popular one.

Even when I was in university, I still be the girl who rather hide and be an average student so lecturers don’t even notice me and I feel that’s great.

Im also very dependent. My younger sister are much bold than me.i used to go behind her.i still do that
But now things change little bit.i won’t say totally but yes it’s still a big achievement.
I started my internship in year that’s
Where I got to see the NEW ME. When I started my internship, it feels the same.
But at one point, i have one person who change the whole perspective about me. He is the director of the company.
He is from Serbia and works in Malaysia
So he started teach me every single thing.i told you earlier that I have low confidence in speaking but with him, I don’t even worry about that because he sees talent in me.he always tell everyone including me that he sees potential in me.

One unforgettable word from him… That only few people have management skills where you can believe in them and I see that in you.thats is something special to me as I was still new to this whole working environment.
That’s where I began to believe in me and I had the feels of the most potential and popular one.
Trust me, that is whole different feeling.
People trust you, people see you as a good example.
It just feel different.
I am.lucky to have such mentor as my first boss.he change my life

I didn’t even think that I would be bold and people would respect my every single decision.
I still have this low confidence outside the company where I’m trying to overcome but its not that easy.
I will never give up.
And ladies out there, believe in yourself.
You are Soo special, you have your own uniqueness.its just take little time to discover.till then keep going.
And never forget to who lift you up.
In my story, my first boss will be my forever favorite.