“Surviving the Tragic Deaths of My Children”

Dedication: All grieving families.

My first publication, although it is a personal story detailing the life and loss of my children, this book was written as a message of hope and healing through faith and inspirational quotes for others as well. We are faced with so much tragedy in our world today and it is so easy to lose hope. I wrote this book as a way of releasing and relieving some of my grief and pain after losing two children in separate accidents one year apart. my hope is that my devastation and pain will help some other grieving mother understand the power of prayer. Also to help parents heal from what seems to be endless grief. I want to open a dialogue with other grieving parents who may not have the strong belief and faith that I have. I want to turn my grief into a time of healing and hope for hurting souls. If my story of pushing through the pain and wading through the fog of grief helps just one person, then I have accomplished my goal of helping others move from tragedy to trust in God. My story is available on Amazon.com.
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Charlotte Anthony

I was born and raised in the south. My husband and I were blessed with three children. Two boys and one daughter. After the loss of my oldest son and daughter, we now have one son left. My husband and I are married 44 years and eight grandchildren.