Start of a life

Dedication: to those who have hard time.

My life right now is like hell with the thoughts of suicide. Every day, I feel like an empty guy … I’m having a really difficult life situation today, March 24, 2018.I have thoughts that can not be described. I ask myself every day “what’s life, what’s life … i just want to get away from this world” but i can not just commit suicide after i had thought of my parents. I will start changing my life and see for the better.

to be continue.

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Sathaporn Kothwong

Hi my name is Sathaporn Kothwong but people call me Fim. I'm from Thailand but live in sweden right now. I have a hard life and this situation been a month now but starting now i will be changing my life and see how it's going to be. I have a hobby playing videogames and this videogames ruined my life. I'm 22 years old but do ages matter to me? not really.