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Simply Mary
From There To Here
In her own words.

Take the Journey along side Simply Mary in the creation of the Album Freedom Bound and the doorway to a new future in music. Keep in mind, many life events are not mentioned that I missed out on, the most important is the birth of my grand daughter, Kaidyn, our families light! Also many heartaches of lost loved ones and family members. It has been hard to go through these kinds of things from a distance.
But I have learned to just keep moving on… no matter what!

Now that Freedom Bound is a thing of the past, and my feet are well planted, it is time to move forward! On to Happy Things!
My goal this round is to make people dance!
There just has got to be a way!

My next single “Don’t Look Back” Is set to be released by July of 2017 in Honor of the 2017 Graduating Class and most important of all, my son Tom.

The best thing I could ever tell you is NEVER live by your past as your future. And never plan your future avoiding things because of your past. The only direction to keep moving in is forward. We only have this short time here on earth, and what we decide to do with it is totally up to ourselves. Life is just like our muscles in our body, use it or lose it. If there is something in your life that you deeply desire to do – follow your gut – even things that seem like they would never happen in a million years can happen in the blink of an eye. Don’t miss your chances to be happy in this life wherever the road may take you!

I can’t wish more than enough for your future! You have turned out so Amazing and I am so very honored to have you as my Son.

Best of Luck for a Bright & Happy Future!


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