Show the inner you – Star Power!

Girls on the Run is a great program for all girls. The lessons are fantastic and have taught me a lot. My favorite lesson is Star Power and how you imagine and create your star. It shows you that there is more inside what to look for and to deal with different situations. There is a star inside of you. You might have to look very, very closely, but it is always there. Some people don’t look inside, but on the outside. They won’t see you they only will see clothes, skin and your face. Your star is beneath all of your skin, clothes and face. Show the inner you. When you look at someone, what do you look for? We all ask ourselves that all the time. We should look for their star. The star power lesson teaches girls just like me, how to do that. I want all girls to do, just that and GOTR is teaching people to do that. GOTR also teaches us to deal with different situations of discouragement and bulling. When you are discouraged your star is covered by a cloud. We learn to blow those clouds with a “Brthee” Breather. We can be bullied and have our star covered up, but we will stay strong. In conclusion, your star power is important and is something inside everyone. You just have to look deep enough. GOTR has taught me so much and I hope it keeps teaching.

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