Serendipity describes “finding something beautiful without looking for it.” A chance where a lot changes and the world might turn upside down. Quite funny to hear someone saying that many things can change in just a minute, but when such situation strucks into our life like a flash of lightning in the sky, we do realise that change is not something to be made fun of. Life is full of challenges where some challenges are easy and some take time to be finished, and everyone have to face these challenges whether they are rice or poor, smarter or dumb. And by the word ‘dumb’ one thing came into my mind that how smart or average people make fun of those who can’t reach to there level, and people call them ‘dumb’. But if we see with our open hearts and eyes, NO ONE IS DUMB, not a single soul born is dumb or failure or worthless. It’s just they haven’t found their capability, but it doesn’t mean they won’t, they will and that day will be the day they would understand the real meaning of serendipity. A beautiful life changing moment. And the story of my life was something similar. My story started the day I was born on the last day of the year, when all the people around the world were ready to embrace the upcoming new year. Being born in one country and living in another as a half-citizen was a life challenge. Being rejected number of times and insulted for being a late bloomer. There were time people broke me piece by piece and finally succeeded to break me mentally and emotionally. I was exhausted with everything because I couldn’t reach to the level where others were and the void within me was something unbearable. Then one day a poem changed my world. I know it might seem ridiculous to think that a poem could change someones life, but like I said earlier “never make fun of changes”. It was a poem about nature that how all the species are different from each other and all have different forms and definitions of beauty. After that day I realised that I am not loser, it’s just that I am different. I am unique. And I found my ability that I never thought I had , I started writing poems and stories. Every poem I wrote, I used to pour all my emotions in them whether it be happiness, sadness, anxiety, or any other emotion. I discovered myself and promised to myself to never let anyone hurt me in any emotional or mental way. I drowned myself in the world of books so that I could lost in my world of fantasy and imagination. I finally found my way. I found my moment of serendipity. Every person is a fighter and unique in its own way. Every late bloomer will one day bloom into a beautiful flower, but to bloom you never have to give up. Stay strong and love yourself.