A New Identity

Dedication: To God, because I would not be where I am today without him.

California, a state I have known for years. My best friend who turned into my worst nightmare. I grew up in a household full of drugs and alcohol. I grew up moving in with family members and not staying in the same school district for more than a year. Time after time again. I grew up around “friends” who treated me poorly and family who manipulated and looked down upon me because of my mothers mistakes. Although I was the complete opposite of my drug addict mother, I was still seen as someone who could potentially turn into her. I was almost miserable.

Fast forward, I am in Nevada at the University of Nevada, Reno taking my pre-requisites for medical school. I chose Nevada to be close to home, but far away enough to not go home every weekend. My home was my grandparents house. As time went on, something was not right. I lived with someone who was completely toxic, but wanted to be my best friend. I put my whole identity into school, that is all I knew at the time. I was dating my now fiance, but I still was not happy. I carried on because growing up around toxic people made it so that was all I knew.

Now that you know some of my background, let’s get down to my most recent purchase. Moving across the country. There is way more to the story than these few details, but I will keep it simple and to the point today. I moved across the country for a fresh start. I moved across the country in exactly three days. I packed my whole apartment in one day and was on the road the next. I stayed at a hotel in Wyoming then finished up my trip to Missouri. Why Missouri? Well, that is where my fiance is from and where all of his amazing family is. They are kind, real, and have a heart for Jesus.

How did it start? Well, remember that roommate that I lived with? She made up rumors and sent false messages to my fiance. It sent us down this whirlwind of emotions and he went home for a few weeks. After a few days of not speaking, we decided it was time to get away from all that I have ever known. I needed a new identity. I needed a complete new life. He suggested I pack up what I could and fly over to live with him and his sister. Luckily, her new house was big enough to fit more than just us. Perfect timing right? I moved to Missouri with all I could pack in my car and my cat. I drove because I wanted the experience and to have my car in Missouri. I traveled across the country in two days and started my new life. I let a few family members know I was going to be away for a while and I changed my number while also deleting ALL of my social media. It was by far the best purchase I had ever made. Two weeks later and I am the happiest I have ever been.

The point of this purchase is to teach others that they do not have to stay in one place because of other people’s feelings or because that is all they know. Do what your heart desires. Take risks and make sure you are living your life to the complete fullest because you never know what might be waiting for you on the other side.