Seeking God before revenge

I am a single mother of three daughters. I was in a 15 year relationship with the father of my children. A longterm friend of mine came to me for help. She left her husband and four daughters. I welcomed her into my home wanting to help her in her situation. A month or so in I find out she was sleeping with the father of my children. They moved in together shortly after me finding out. Now, five years later after him trying to go back and forth between us every six months. She is now diviorced from her husband seeing her children everyother weekend. Recently my ex and her married. After things he has told me, I believe he married her because I would not give him another chance to fix our family. I never sought revenge or even asked for an apology from niether of them. Five years later I have learned that she will get hers in the end and he will realize what type of person she really is. I pray daily knowing that God will serve justice of this mess. I am writing this to let other women know that seeking revenge or hurting yourself over a cheating man or friend is not worth it! God will give you strength and justice will be served. I have not yet seen the justice. They have a home, land, a nice vechicle etc. But that’s ok. It may look like they are better off but I know I am the one better off in the end.