A Safer Future for Me and My Baby

Sometimes, I wake up from crying in my sleep during the night. Why? Every night for the last three years I have been abused by my husband. I cannot sleep in peace for even one night. Even when I was pregnant, my father-in-law’s house members tortured me – I still get scared, when remembering those days. I got married nearly four years back. My husband and I lived in Dhaka. We used to work in a garment factory. From the beginning, he would take all my wages. I did not help my poor father with a single penny. Even, I couldn’t buy a tablet for my extreme headache. I wanted to have a baby soon after marriage so that I can stop the abuse and be focused on my child. But my husband and his family did not agree so I waited.

After two years I fell pregnant, then the problems amplified. Initially, my husband demanded I have an abortion. I refused and the oppression on me intensified. My husband left our rented house and forced me to go to my father-in-law’s house. I knew the fate that lay before me and that I would not be helped there, things were going to get worse. After four months of being there I had been forced to drink medicines for abortion. But my child and I survived at the mercy of God! After that, there were various types of oppression. I eventually managed to get away to my father’s house. There also everyone told me to destroy my baby! But one uncle protected me. Finally, two months ago when my daughter was born, on that day my husband divorced me on the phone and after several days legally! He phoned me and said I just married you for money, not for children. There was no feeling or meaning in that relationship. My father is a poor day labourer, he wasn’t able to support me and my child. After getting nowhere I got admitted to TLMI (The Leprosy Mission International) and have stayed here for the last two months. I need a safe shelter for my child and also for me so I can start working. They (TLMI) referred me to The Sreepur Village and one of my aunties also knows about The Sreepur Village. So, I look forward to going there for a safer future for me and my baby.

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The Sreepur Village Bangladesh

The 'Sreepur Village, Bangladesh' is a UK based charity that runs and funds a women and children’s village in rural Bangladesh. The Sreepur Village works with destitute single-mothers and their children to give them the health, knowledge and skills they need to function independently in society. At the moment we support over 142 mothers and 280 children at the Village and over 250 children every month at our street children project in Tongi, Dhaka. As a grass roots organisation we respond to local need and run other related programmes such as supporting vulnerable (e.g. trafficked or abandoned) children and fostering. We provide safety, a loving environment, food, clothing, education, and livelihood training so that the women who come to us can look forward to independent lives in their communities.