Reaching The Summit!!!!

Why is it when life is upside people feel like they have fix it? Now I know it definitely matters in some situations. Because you can’t do everything alone. But what do you do when you need help? I can’t even answer one of those answers. But I do know how to go through it. And in fact still going through it. And trust me its not just a walk in the park its more like a hike up the mountain. You might have heard that expression before but its so true.

One day when I was a very young I thought I had everything figured out . But the truth was I had nothing figured out. Sometimes people think they got the whole world figured out but they never do. No one can figure it out. Its just one of those things that you bow your head down and pray for guidance because you can’t do it alone. As I went on with my life I got a letter from my oldest sister that told me I was dreaming a little to much and I needed to focus on what I was doing because it came to the point that I held all of my feelings in and I was lashing out my anger toward everyone I knew and It completely took over my whole life. Everyone I cared about I hurt really bad. So I had to get back up to working myself back up the mountain because I was tired so I decided to go back down the mountain. And that’s what it came to and I still think till this day what if she would have never even sent that letter. where would we be today? I can’t even answer of course I could guess a couple things but I will never know.

Have you ever been stuck in something that was hard to get out of? I been through so many of them. I am going through a trial with God and their are so many things happening that I can’t keep track of. But we all know then when we go through something like that their are so many reasons. Because God has a will for all of us. But we need to follow him and be ready for the trials to come. And I know its so much easier saying it then doing it. Life will have so many falls and moments when your so strong it feels like nothing can ever put you down but that what I am taking about is that we need to be ready for the next step to come.

Story shared by...

Gloria Grace Martindale

I have a family of four. I am a Christian. I hope who ever reads my story will some what relate to it.