Ray of Sunrain

Ever since I was a little one, I would always tell my grandparents that “When I grow up, I would be the one who will give your consutations: for free!”. Then my grandma would reply “Haha you little one, I would be glad if that tme will come.” and I would giver her my most genuine smile. That was the time I’ve realized that “I do want to be become a doctor”.

Years have passed, and my eagerness to become one hasn’t fade away: not until when my parents and I had a conversation about what degree and profession I would want to pursue. I told them about it since they had asked me, and I the comment I received from them was the least thing I wanted to hear from them. I thought they would support me with my ambition because they were showering me with those in the past few years. Eventually even though they did not clearly explained why with the sudden change of mind, I do understand they’re just concerned especially with this pandemic going on and not enough financial budget since taking up medicine is costly.

Now, I’m having trouble on what I would do with my life. Would I follow my parents or what I truly want? (I know that doing what you love would make you happy). I guess, in this lifetime I would follow them even though I’m not a perfect fit on what they wanted me to become besides everything can be learned.

NIKE: Just do it.

But I hope someday maybe in another lifetime I would be able to choose what I truly desire but now haha.