A personal story of self-realization

I open my laptop. I find numerous files lying unattended. Each file has a piece of article that is half baked. All those correspond to the thoughts that once upon a time, I thought of. Opening the files one after other, I realize that over the time I have thought a lot (really lot) but implemented little (too little). Blame it upon my laziness or my inability to think about the end before even starting to pen-down. The lack of fixed ending to my article made me revolve and rotate in several directions, and finally all those ended in half, without a proper conclusion.

But even on the rare occasions, when I struggled and forced myself to write till the end, the conclusion was always new and unfamiliar when compared to beginning. Thoughts skipped one after the other and by the end of an hour I felt the paragraph didn’t make sense at all. Leaving the poor piece of thought in middle, I always clung onto a new idea and stretched myself finding meanings out of it. Sadly, the time it consumed to navigate through these stages of confusions was like breaking a huge mountain. It left me drowsy and tired. Moreover I always felt as if the word count at bottom-left in MS Word was somehow partial towards me, as it took very long to count the number of words I wrote.

Over the time, this attitude of leaving the articles in middle poorly reflected back in all the spheres of my life where everything I planned in the first place was dominated by a second piece of thought. Right from B.E. in Computer Science to PG Diploma in Multimedia Journalism, things felt quite juggled owing to my own turbulent nature. At the end, I find it quite disgraceful to stay as a mediocre content writer. The poor grammar, lack of vocabulary, ineffective sentence formation crunches my caliber like a sheet of paper. With nothing significantly achieved in these 25 years, the guilt borne out of such disgust leaves me sub-consciously hollow.

But, today is a big day. Through self-inspiration, I hereby decide to change the way I have been dealing with my assignments. I shall concentrate on current piece of thought without anticipating for the next. This shall help me finish the task that’s right at the hand, gain personal satisfaction and also give best of my performance.

As a motivational note for myself, I shall also remember that each person, irrespective of a boy or girl, is born here to do something special that keeps the soul happy. As such I will constantly strive towards discovering that something special of mine. Meanwhile, I shall remain patient and consistent in my efforts to do best in whatever I am doing. I hope this helps me lay a strong foundation for my character and work in the coming days.