Not a story

Dedication: to all the people who hurt me

I entered law school completely naive and full of enthusiasm. I am leaving it as a stupid girl with open wounds and a broken heart. I will forever carry the two main regrets till my last breath.

People took advantage of my innocence and put me through hell, people I trusted backstabbed me, and people who I tried to help turned away from me. I will now forever live on in people’s minds as an evil tyrant.

I consider some my brothers but they spoke about me like no brother would. I considered some my teachers and they taught people that I was the worst human alive. I did not see one face but two faces, one face apologised and begged me for forgiveness and the other face portrayed me as a whore and a bad person to people. How do I tell people that what he told is not me. Will they ever believe me? Or is it even worth proving myself to people?

Then came the narcissist. His narcissism left me so baffled that I still wondered if I should give him another chance. The biggest lesson was taught by a one side lover who showed me that love can be used to kill one and break one. Another lesson came from a close friend who showed me that no matter how hard you try a person will only stay in your life if they want to.

All these lessons taught me to do what you feel like, and not to always think about not hurting someone and being kind. Because the first chance they get they save themself not thinking about you even for a second.

I leave not better than but worse. I leave not with friends but with lessons. I leave not with memories but pain.