Nobody thought me what love is

Dedication: Every parents in the world...

Hello everyone ,so m shivani shaikh..well as my name says m a muslim lets start from a quick intro .i study in class fy so my stry starts when i was juz 3 yrs old …my mom dad uz to fight a lott with each other and after that at the age of 4 they put me in a hostel .after that my mom dad took a divorce and my mom married another guy and my dad married another women that time when i was juz 7 yrs old, my dad took my custody but they treat me as i was a load for them i hav two more sisters but nobody seems to care about me. many people come to me and tries to motivate me but today i really feel i should tell people and explain people that never leave your child just because u have problem with your partner today whenever anythng happens wrong with me i blame my mom that she left me alone in my dark days today people call me heartless just because i cannot love anyone coz nobody thought me what love is …. I would like to tell all the parents that a parent should not b selfish like my mom ,never leave your child alone always b with them and hold their hands it can be a huge depression for your child which you parents will never realize …thankyou …share it with people as much as u can

Photo credit: Image courtesy of storyteller.