I Need to Walk My Path

I was in San Diego, last week.
A piece of heaven.
Walked to Balboa Park.
Walked along the water front.
Stopped outside a store to look for a hummingbird I saw, in my peripheral vision.
Sat in a cafe drinking the best smoothie.

I am trying to learn to automatically tell fast moving people around me, to stop trying to control me, and let me live at my pace and let me live in the moment and not on their schedule and route. They seem to want to plan the next 10 steps and get lots in and not enjoy what I want to absorb.

I need to walk my path and stay in my lane.
I want to say, “Stay in your lane and leave me or go around”…”I can not experience life on your pace”…”We can not do this. Our paths can cross, but we can not move together”…”You exhaust me, I stay frustrated and anxious”…”I do not need anyone to take care of me or lead me around and think for me.”

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