A painful story about my students and my educational society

Hi there,
This is my painful story about my educational society and my beloved students.
This story is so painful, and it is mosly about milion of Afghan disappointed and hopeless female students.

My name is Mohammad Dawood. I am from Afghanistan. I am 29 years old. I really want to share my story in with you if you don’t mind.

In August 15, 2021, while the government collapsed in hands of Taliban groups in Afghanistan, while everyone was trying to flee the country, in October 20, 2021, I decided to establish a tuition free educational society in Kabul Afghanistan.

So that, I began this educational society in hope of to empower and help those young hopless and disappointed young students to be able to continue to follow their education goals. In this educational society, there were three hundreds students and most of the students were female.They were extremely happy about there education and future plans. And because of them I was also so happy. Because the center is tuition free, the students were paying some few fees.They are paying about a 100 Afgs per month to the office of center. It is for the rent of the building and some other facilities and services during one month for the students.

Hopefully, in former government, I was a military personnel. I was serving in Afghanistan Army in (Special Operation Forces Units). So that I have previously saved some amount of money into my bank account, I was paying the salary of the instructors from that money. I got succeeded to my plan. In early 2022, there was about four hundreds students.The students were so happy about their future hope and desire.They were educated in several different fields.They were studying art of paintings, languages learning skills; like English and German, school subjects and computer professional programs.
But unfortunately at the same time, at the beginning of 2022 because of my military background, I had also no choice unless to flee Afghanistan.Therefore, I came to Iran. In Iran, although I am a refugee, but still I am trying my best to work to earn some money. I am transferring this money monthly to my brother in Afghanistan. I am sending this funds to him to run the this educational center. Hopefully, the door of the center is still open to the face of those hopeless young students.

But unfortunately, in early this week my brother called me that Taliban groups banded the female students from coming to the center. My brother also told to me that Taliban came to the center and told me if I let the female students come studying their lessons, we will fine and punish you.

As results, I am so sad and disappointed because of my students and the educational society. I tried my best to at least be able to pave the way of studying for those hopeless and disappointed young students in my country. But my ambition and desire are getting damaged by some irresponsible men in a night.
I am so sorry,
I am sending my story to you if you can share this story to the world.

By best regards,
Mohammad Dawood
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Hi there, My name is Mohammad Dawood Noori. I am from Afghanistan. I am 29 years old. I have bachelor'degree from university. I love happiness.