My story

Growing up was not always easy. From an early age (4) I had to fight battles never intended for a child. I never knew my father,my mother was married 14 times, relocating every 3 months. At 5, me and my older brother was taking away by social care for abondenment. It was an adjustment at first, but I became indepent very young and had being placed at different foster families with the best memories. For 6 years no contact from family, and then out of the blue she reappears, claiming us. Worst day of my life. 2 days home broke my ankle had to hide it from social services, being put in a hostel 50ks from home. I had development problems and could not climb stairs at age 11, guess what, I was the joke all year round. At 16 years she dissapeared again, but now we were to old for social care services. What I learned from this, You can’t rely on family and have to fight to keep alive. Today I have my own family and is grateful for my struggles, without them I could never be as blessed as I am today. Never lose hope.