my story

Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it contains references to childhood rape and descriptions of childhood sexual assault.

it started when I was pretty young. maybe around the age of 5. I had a best friend that I made in preschool, her name was c. on the outside we seemed like good friends but on the inside she was a terrible person. mentally, physically and sexually abusing me. she would rape me alot, almost every time I went to visit her house. but thats not the main point of my story. it was Saturday, some day in December 2017. her dad’s name was b. this specific day changed my life. he had always been weird towards me; trying to touch me and play with my hair. I was to young to even notice what he was doing. his fiance went to go pick up pizza that Saturday night. we were watching TV when cassie and I got bored. we went to annoy her brother like any 9 year old. we ran away from him, laughing and screaming like I said, just like a normal kid. when we were about to go back to c’s room her dad called me over. I went over to him cheerful and asked him whats up. he pulled me towards him and touched my private areas. my smile quickly faded. he put his mouth next to my ear and whispered somthing in my ear. I was on the verge of tears. I heard him say “you know I love you right?” I pushed him and away and told him I had to go. he tried to pull me back towards him again but I slapped his hand. I went back to c’s room and told her what happend. as expected she didn’t believe me. fast forward to around 8 pm. A (who was his fiance) was caught in traffic and it would be awhile until she was home. I hit my foot on the doorframe and it was pretty badly bruised. c went to call for her dad, but considering what happend earlier i told her I was fine. but, she did it anyway. he came with a look on his face that I can’t forget. he was sweating and almost blushing. I didn’t want him to come near me. he sat down next to me and put one hand on my shoulder and the other on my foot. he started rubbing it as I was tearing up. he moved his hand up to my private and started touching it. I was trying to hold in my crys when he whispered somthing in my ear that caused me to break down and I still think about it every day. “im going to put my dick in your mouth” I started balling and trying to get him off of me. he was touching my private and the only thing separating it from his hand was my my underwear. when he finally left I called my mom and was crying slot. I told her to pick me up but she said it was to late. fast forward again to around 12 in the morning. I was sleeping on the floor when I woke up to my mouth feeling stretched and numb almost. I quickly sat up in fear of think that he did what he said he was going to do. he was standing in the doorway looking at me and when he saw I was awake he fled. I still don’t know to this day If he really did it. but he was never put in jail because of c. she stated I was framing him when she was there the whole time. that’s my story