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My Story… by Kaylee McCormick

Like any relationship there are ups and downs and although the downs were terrible, I always tried to hold onto the positives. I held onto these positives for 7 years! The last two years where easy as the ups outweighed the downs… We were finally at an amazing place in our relationship. We were able to communicate with each other we stood strong together in our relationship and I was promised that he would not let anything break this beautiful relationship we had and our precious family that we had started. Unfortunately, he was never good at keeping promises… The last year was a beautiful moment as I carried our child and gave birth to our beautiful little girl you where my rock and I found my strength in you. You stood by me through it all and promised the world to our new little family. History repeated itself and when our little girl was two months old, I found out you had done it again… You where seeing the office lady from your work behind my back for a month already. You had left me and our month-old baby alone on numerous occasions for “work” (which I now know was another lie because you where with her). The worst part is she had met our baby and then perused a relationship with you, thought you wanted a woman with morals! As always you have made me the problem and reason for your bad choices to try and justify your actions. This was the last straw for me I thought you had changed… as they say a leopard does not change its spots.

I was scared to leave because I didn’t want to be alone but the support I have received has been amazing 😊

Everyone deserves to be respected and loved unconditionally! You will never be alone… you will be amazed at the support you will receive.

This is my time now! I am strong and I will create the best life for my little girl and make sure she knows that she deserves unconditional love and to be respected. I deserve unconditional love and to be respected and I will not lower my standards… I NOW KNOW MY WORTH!

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