My mom likes my boyfriend.

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Hi I’m Lilly here’s my story. So when I was fourteen years old my dad died my mom started to flirt with a guy named Brian. When I was fourteen I was one of the most beautiful people, so when Brian came over I had to go outside. One day Brian came over and my screamed at me saying GO OUTSIDE!!! So obviously I went outside. But a couple minutes after it started to rain so I went inside I tried to explain to my mom but she didn’t listen and she screamed go to the adoption center!!! So I went. But at the time I didn’t have any friends so I got bullied allot. After a couple month I made a friend her name was Emma we went to the same school. Week’s after I got my first boyfriend his name was Jason and he was so rude I don’t know why I didn’t break up with him sooner but I didn’t. One day me and Jason went to visit my mom and he started to flirt with her I snapped at him and screamed at him saying what, I’m braking up with you. Now I’m single living in a motel with Emma and her husband, my mom and Brian broke up mom and Jason are boyfriend and girlfriend. The you for listening to my story bye